In N Out Burger

Tonight I visited an old stand by for dinner, a little place called "In N Out Burger". If you aren't from the West Coast and you have not been to Vegas, you are probably not familiar with the Classic Double-Double, Fries Animal Style, Ice Cream Shakes in those cute little palm tree cups and drive thru lines that wind through parking lots and out into traffic, so let me give you the low-down on this local gem for the next time you are in town!

Number One!
You DO want to visit this place if you are in California for any reason and you enjoy an honest-to-goodness burger! (no tofu, chemical meat or pre-frozen stuff here!) everything they make is created from fresh ingredients and prepared in a glass side kitchen for you to watch. I love seeing them cut the fries, actually! :p

Number Two! Expect a wait... In N Out is extremely popular and whether you go inside or brave the drive thru, (some locations have two drive thru lines and there is  still a huge line at both) you will wait a while. The upside is that the staff is always cheerful and professional and in order to accommodate the long lines, they have added "car hop" style order takers, who walk to your car, even if you are the 10th one in line and your tail end is blocking the intersection! As you can see, even Janice Dickenson cannot resist a burger (even if she doesn't keep it down- ahem).

Number Three! The menu is simple, see here:

and delicious, I might add... but there are unwritten options you might want to think about before you go, so you can order like a local.

Here are some options that you won't find on the menu:  

The Three-b-Meat Burger has Three patties and NO cheese. It is true that you can ask for as many patties as you want.. (please don't tell me you go more than four, I don't want to know!) Not sure why people wouldn't want cheese... but there you are...

My favorite secret option is
The “Animal Style” Burger is has a Mustard-cooked beef patty (whatever that means) more pickles and extra sauce/dressing with grilled onions piled on top. It is just something you have to experience to understand... (note, you can also get FRIES Animal Style!)

The 2×4 Burger is just that, a “2×4″ burger with two beef patties, four slices of cheese and anything else you want to add. I have heard that you can also order a “4×2″ or a "3x3" or many other sizes if you want to get creative! Perhaps if you are a lumberjack, the 2x4 makes perfect sense for you!

AND remember the Atkins Diet? Now the South Beach for more conservative dieters... well, for those BUNless burger eaters, they offer
"The Flying Dutchman" which is basically just two beef patties and 2 slices of cheese.. the less serious version of this is called "Protein Style" and you can get any burger this way, it means they take off the BUNS and use Lettuce to wrap it up.. You can have all the toppings, onions, etc..

Some other options are a basic
Grilled Cheese, pretty much the burger without the meat.. good option for kids and people who don't eat ze meat! (Vegans, you can also get "Veggie Style" which will mean that you will have all the veggies with no cheese or meat in a bun, so when your Carnivore friends ask you to join them at In N Out.. know, you have choices!)

The SHAKES are amazing, but remember that you can combine any of the flavors, they have Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla... ask to have it "Swirled" or "Blended"  from any or all of the three flavors. YUM!

An odd thing you can get is "Lemon-Up" or "Tea-Up" which is 7-up mixed with  Tea or Lemonade, as you might have guessed. Refreshing in the summer and a change of pace from Coke or for those who cannot have too much Caffeine.

One thing that is important to remember about In N Out, is that they will make the food into anything you want. So once you learn the ingredients they have on site, you can ask them to concoct your special creation and they will do it, if you are specific enough. 

Start out with the Classic Double-Double, Fries and a Shake before you get too adventurous though, being a purest never hurt anyone!

There are rumors of a 20x20 patty burger they make, but I have been afraid to google it because I actually might see one and the thought of it makes me dizzy. Too much of a good thing... ummm YEA!

A little known fact about In N Out is that on the rim of the bottom of every drink cup is a very small "John 3:16" - check it out next time you visit a location... even in Vegas! ;)

Check out their website at http://www.innout.com/  


Great! Now I have that jingle stuck in my head!

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